a money market protocol on Heco Chain
Private Bank which support all HECO assets
Protocol Function
Widely Adopted
All kinds of HRC20 standard token assets
Risk Isolated
Multi-lending mode,reduce the risk of system liquidation
Community autonomy
All rights belong to the communities
Liquidity Mining
KIKA will be launched with no pre-mining
eventually fully controlled by the community DAO( 90% of the total circulation)
The full dilution duration will be 4 years with the following details.
Non destructive mining within 14 days
Launch Time : Apr-29-2021 08:00:30 AM +UTC
Q & A
Kika protocol supports launching of lending pools for any HRC20 token assets. In the initial stage of launching, Kika team will select a basket of assets for initial lending pools based on indicators such as the market value in circulation and the number of holding addresses for related cryptos. After governance goes live, according to the needs of the community, any HRC20 token pool could be added through a voting governance mechanism.
Kika adopts floating interest rate. The interest gained from lending and the interest paid for borrowing increase linearly with the increase of target asset utilization rate. The specific calculation is as follows: Annual borrowing interest rate = base interest rate + (utilization rate x added interest rate) Annual deposit interest rate ≈ annual borrowing interest rate x utilization rate x (1-reserved interest rate)
Kika adopts an over-collateralized loan model. Users need to deposit assets supported by the lending pool before borrowing, and the upper limit of lending is the product of deposited asset value and the pledge rate of the asset. The loan itself does not have a specific time limit for repayment. The loan interest is added to the user's pending repayment balance.
The total minting volume of $KIKA is 1 billion. Of these, 90% (900 million) are owned by the community and distribution will be completed within 4 years through liquidity mining. 10% (100 million) will be used as incentives for the development team to support the team's continuous optimization of the protocol. The portion for the team is released with a fixed proportion of the liquid mining process (1/9 of the amount of mining released), and the distribution will be completed within 4 years.
The $KIKA token is both governance token and utility. In the initial stage of the platform's launch, $KIKA will be mainly used for community governance voting for the Kika protocol. Starting from the 29th day after liquidity mining is alive, a certain percentage of $KIKA tokens are required as deposit certificates to participate in mining. In the future, a hierarchical equity system will be designed based on the holdings of $KIKA
All Kika deployed agreements have completed the third-party agency code audit (attached: audit report link). In addition, Kika's core lending agreement Fork is from Compound v1.0. The protocol code has never been attacked in more than 2 years of operation, and it is very safe and stable.
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Q: How safe is Kika protocol? Has the code audit been completed?
Code Audit
talk is cheap.
show me the code.
Fairyproof Audit report
Armors Labs Audit report